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Thread: FMLE - Wowza Setup

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    Default FMLE - Wowza Setup

    Hello All,
    I have managed to setup our wowza transcoder succesfully using a multicast ingest to wowza.
    Now, i would like to setup a Flash Media Live encoder input to Woza for transcoding.
    Though, i cant figure out how to tackle with the FMS connection setup (on the FMLE gui).
    Does anybody know what shall i type in the FMS url in order to start encoding to Wowza(i suppose that the wowza configuration it's just another application using the rtmp url of the FMLE)?
    note: the fmle is installed on a laptop and the wowza on a separate server.
    Any tip will be appreciated!
    Thank you

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    The FMS URL should be your Wowza IP address followed by the application name, like this:

    FMS URL : rtmp://[Wowza-IP]/live
    Stream : myStream

    The tutorial for live streaming for a RTMP encoder is here,


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