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Thread: Amino 130 STB on-demand MP4 streaming

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    Default Amino 130 STB on-demand MP4 streaming


    I am trying to stream an on-demand file (sample.mp4) to an Amino 130 device.

    Live streaming works perfectly but when I try to play this file:


    Here is what I get from the server:

    INFO rtsp connect 1300279877 -
    INFO stream create - -
    INFO rtsp describe 1300279877 -
    WARN server comment - RTSPCore.setup: track missing: mp4:sample.mp4
    INFO stream play test1.mp4 -
    The VOD application has nothing fancy in it, streamtype is default.

    sample.mp4 is located inside content/ folder, it works fine when played using a standard flash player.

    Any idea what is this "track missing" error?


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    Just found something, it looks like the amino doesn't like the ":".

    It plays using this link: rtsp://

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    Interesting. Which model? Thanks for the info


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