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Thread: Individual stream monitoring and reporting?

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    Default Individual stream monitoring and reporting?


    Our internal Wowza server is configured to drive live streams from 4 locations: 3 NCast systems and a WireCast system.

    Of the 4, one of the NCast systems constantly "goes black", losing video, but maintaining audio.

    We have completely rebuilt the server to the latest versions of Wowza and acceptable Java, upped resources allocated to the box, and cleaned out old multicast info etc... that was gumming up config files.

    Still, the problem with the one NCast pesists.

    Is there a way to have Wowza monitor and report on that specific stream to help us determine what the culprit is? We suspect network weirdness, but nothing has shown up (we've already replaced the NCast box).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Can you give us some more info on the stream that goes black, at a first guess I'd say the bitrate may be too high...
    What is the bitrate of video and audio and what is the codec of the stream?


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    Hi there. I work with Tony (I'm the Videographer and whatnot). I doubt it. The settings on the one that breaks are identical to the two that work fine (or as identical as is possible, considering they need to use different destination filenames).

    These are Automatic Unicast style RTSP streams, configured in Wowza exactly as suggested on the Wowza documentation. The settings on the encoder end are: H.264 @ 1152kbps (video) with 64kbps audio.

    Here's a screenshot of the settings on the one that breaks:

    And like I said, this is identical (except for the SDP Filename) to the other two systems which work fine. I can also stream using identical settings from Wirecast (or as close as I can make them easily). We did also try, recently, tweaking the Quantizer settings (which are at the system's defaults), keyframe interval, and other things recently with no change in behavior.

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    Take a look at the MediaCaster monitor:

    There is a debug property that you can turn on included, set streamMonitorDebug to "true"


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