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Thread: Streaming live delay

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    Default Streaming live delay

    I'm streaming with wowza server a live daily event and now I must stream it with a delay of 3 to 7 minutes.
    Is it possible? What have I to configure on the server?

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    See if this package does the trick:


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    Default Could this be used for a rtplive stream?

    I compiled the package and the client swf works perfect.

    But when I call the StartDelayPublisher with a rtplive stream as source it does not seem to work, the client sometimes connects but rapidly disconnects without showing an image. The log complains about not finding an alias matching the delayname.

    What I would need is a 3 hour delay on a rtplive stream.
    This might sound a bit strange but for this specific feed it is a must.

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    This package is very old and most likely doesn't work anymore. Also, this will not work for a 3 hour delay. All the pending video/audio is stored in memory. You are better off finding another way to delay the video/audio outside of Wowza.


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    Thanks for the fast reply Charlie (as always it seems).

    Figured it would become an issue since this package stores it in memory, but thought I could use this and expand it to write to disk, and serve that to the clients. Would that be possible to code?
    Or am I on a dead end and waisting time even trying.
    If you think it can work I will try to make this and post the results here of course..

    Btw, the example of this package still seems to work correctly in the latest preview (just so you know).

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    I don't think you have access to the stream in a reasonable way to read/write it to disk.


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    Since I got my feed from a mjpeg webcam and use vlc to transcode this, I made a little program that sits in between webcam and vlc.
    This program just waits the wanted delay time before sending the data to vlc, hence I got a working delay..

    Still testing/having ideas for improvements, but if anyone has interest in this I will happily share the code (plain c).


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    What would it take to update this to work on the current version of wowza?

    This seems to fit what we're trying to do here perfectly: Take a client stream from FME introduce a fixed delay for clients that connect.

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    Give it a try. jpvdplasse reported that it worked.


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    Dammed if it does as well, need to mess with it and try and get a FME stream into it and create a little control app but looks totally possible.

    Also need to look at the code and see if each client would use a separate buffer or not?

    Thanks for the pointers most appreciated

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