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Thread: Wowza persistence layer

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    Default Wowza persistence layer

    Does Wowza support some persistence layer like hibernate or JDBC? Is it possible to create JDBC connection pool?

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    You can use persistent SharedObject:
    appInstance.getSharedObjects(Boolean isPersistent);

    You can use WMSProperties to add properties to any Wowza object, e.g. applicaiton instance, client, session, etc., but this is not persistent across re-starts
    client.getAppInstance().getProperties().setProperty("var", "val");
    String var = client.getAppInstance().getProperties().getPropertyStr("var");
    JDBC connection pooling can be done with Java in a Wowza module or HTTPProvider or ServerListener, but there is not a Wowza utility api do that, and we don't have any examples.


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