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    Hi all,
    I installed a few hours Wowza server on Linux Centos6. My version is to test and the problem I am going to list you do not know whether it is due to the version of the software, but I do not think.
    1) I have installed Wowza as root
    2) I hereby amended as indicated in the guide file Application.xml
    3) (problem) after start Wowza, is active for a while, then closes.
    It 's normal for this trial? I need that the flow rtmp is always active, and therefore Wowza is always active, is there any solution? I would find that there is no solution to the problem after purchasing perpetual license!

    Another question, but as with red5 it is necessary to create an application to manage and create strings rtmp? excuse my ignorance huge!

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    Wowza by default runs on port 1935 and red5 by default also runs on port 1935 but you can only have one active on this port at once.
    If you run Wowza on a different port it will run as expected assuming that your hardware is capable of running both at the same time.

    This is done in the VHost.xml found in the [Wowza-install]/conf directory.

    Change from this:
    <!-- Separate multiple ports with commas -->
    <!-- 80: HTTP, RTMPT -->
    <!-- 554: RTSP -->

    To this:
    <!-- Separate multiple ports with commas -->
    <!-- 80: HTTP, RTMPT -->
    <!-- 554: RTSP -->


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