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Thread: RTMP with authentication on cisco Media Processor 8100

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    Default RTMP with authentication on cisco Media Processor 8100

    Hello all
    I am setting up a live video event with cisco Media Processor 8100(inlet) and Wowza sever 3.0.
    For security reason, I would set a login/password for RTMP authentication.
    I have added below lines in application.xml
    and added username/password in publish.password.
    But, in Media Processor 8100, option of RTMP authentication is only for akamai and Limelight.
    Anyone know how to enable RTMP authentication for Wowza and Media Processor? Or, what RTMP encoder support RTMP authencation with Wowza?
    Thanks a lot

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    First, I would try that, the authentication that is specified for akamaii and limelight.

    Wirecast works with Wowza ModuleRTMPAuthenticate


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