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Thread: Tracking Minutes Watched for RTMP MultiBitRate - Wowza-to-ActionScript

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    Default Tracking Minutes Watched for RTMP MultiBitRate - Wowza-to-ActionScript

    I'm new to Wowza so the question may be trivial but i couldn't find an answer on the forum.
    I want to implement tracking of minutes watched (per video id) - ActionScript client. From previous forum posts I see there's plenty of info that can be gathered using the server logging but it looks like the logs can capture stream play/stop events in bytes/bits units, not time units (please correct me if otherwise). This would make conversion to time units quite complicated given that for one video there are several streams switched,each stream at different bitrate (MBR) so the calculation of watched time per video is complicated.

    So what's the easiest way to achieve this? What server object could I extend or modify to add a method that I call from Flash with the minute index of video being watched. Many thanks!

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    The easiest way is to look at x-duration field in the logs. Look at rows with x-event "destroy"


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