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    Hi there ... I've a question regarding capacity for good performance
    I know the answer might depend on a lot of factors related to hardware, but may be you have some guidance
    I have 20 live streams I need to set up for nDVR (we'll be doing 12 hours of nDVR per stream)
    Is there any performance best-practice related to how many nDVR sessions per server, considering the storage is good enough in capacity and write/read and spinning?
    I need to have an estimation for knowing how escalable a solution would be if I want to add nDVR. I am managing the 20 live streams with one server right now (I'm feeding a CDN, so, BW is not a factore for it right now)
    Would it be better also to have one nDVR application per stream or only one nDVR application should be running per server for all the streams?


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    There are multiple factors to consider. I would suggest that you use the nDVR Playlist Request API to play back a portion of your recorded stream. There will be issues playing back such a long recording. There are comments about Recording length in the Best Practices section of the nDVR Quick Start Guide. The How to plan your Wowza nDVR Workflow article has areas to consider within Wowza, such as MediaCache, as well as what need to be handled outside of Wowza for a nDVR deployment. File I/O is a main consideration outside of Wowza, so whether you have your input stream going through 1 application or multiple applications, this could be a bottleneck, so you will want to run tests on your hardware. Smaller recordings will be easier to manage and play back.


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