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Thread: nDVR and Live streaming is not playing

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    Default nDVR and Live streaming is not playing

    hi i'm using wowzamediaserver3.1.2 and i'm enable to nDVR addon. i'm configure the wowza nDVR addon settings in my server. live streaming the video is play using the regular code rtmp://wowza-ip/dvr/mystream/manifest.f4m?DVR the live video is play but recorded video is not playing and control bar is does not show any video timings. And i watch the error log file it shows

    WARN server comment 2012-10-03 19:14:04 - - - - - 463.564 - - - - - - - -Missing function: DVRSubscribe
    WARN server comment 2012-10-03 19:14:06 - - - - - 465.574 - - - - - - - -Missing function: DVRGetStreamInfo

    how can i resolve this?

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    I think these are associated with Adobe dvr and rtmp, because you are using rtmp url, it should be http to use Flash HTTP (HDS)/sanjose streaming.


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    yep this also working in the live streaming only not in playback or recorded video. users to play or pause a live stream, rewind to a previously recorded point, or resume viewing at the current live point. And i need to play rtmp format streaming using these ndvr settings.

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    RTMP with nDVR is not supported in Wowza, just the HTTP streaming types.


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    i'm enable LiveStreamRecord_3.0
    Copy file lib/wms-plugin-integrationrecord.jar and lib/wms-plugin-livestreamrecord.jar to the [install-dir]/lib/ folder.

    Edit [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml and add the following <Module> item as the last item in the <Modules> list:


    but there is no changes in the live streaming while play in the recorded video
    server comment 2012-10-05 00:38:03 - - - - - 4836.267 - - - - - - -- QTWriterContextTrackAtomBase.getBlock:
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    Be sure to re-start Wowza after adding jar files.

    There is no automatic change. You have to start recording. There is an include Flash and HTTP client in the package for starting streams


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    yes i restart the server and i try it.

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