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Thread: WOWZA 3.1, FMLE 3.2, smooth streaming, silverlight/windowsphone/win8 player issue

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    Unhappy WOWZA 3.1, FMLE 3.2, smooth streaming, silverlight/windowsphone/win8 player issue

    we are having troubles with playing HLS content using SmoothStreaming (SMIL) on all Microsoft Smoothstreaming players (windows phone 7.5, windows phone 8, win 8 and silverlight).
    I saw other competitive companies that are having same issues.

    Sometimes, the video is played well, sometime it is broken, you can see the bad here:

    It looks like the setting of FMLE 3.2 (h264, aac) is not compatible with the microsoft players because RTMP, cupertino and others are played well.

    Do you know why is this happening?


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    Have you set key frame interval to 2 seconds? There is a little wrench next to the format "h.264" setting to open a dialog. That is ideal for Silverlight.

    Are there any breaks in the audio track? Silveright smooth streams do not work well without audio.


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