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Thread: Chrome and Pepperflash

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    Default Chrome and Pepperflash


    This is not totally Wowza related but Chrome got an update today for pepperflash (their version of Flash Player to embed in chrome). As a result our flash application that allow users to publish their webcam is now crashing, we tried othersites : spreecast , dailymotion... where you can publish your webcam ---> They're all seems to crash at some moment.

    Any of you guys noticed crashes when publishing a webcam since flash 11.3 / 11.4 with chrome ?

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    The Wowza VideoRecording example worked in my test using Chrome and Flash "WIN 11,4,31,110 (Flex)"


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    Yes, this is happening with us too, but it doesn't happen everytime. We found this, which looks to be the issue:

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