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Thread: IOS Live streaming with FME3 question

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    Default IOS Live streaming with FME3 question

    Today I was doing some testing while we streamed some content. We did not purchase the DVR add-on, but when watching videos on my I-phone I noticed that when paused for a few minutes and hit play again it would start from the point it was paused. When I did the same thing on my pc this was not the case. Is this normal behavior for IOS devices?


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    You should be able to pause when streaming VOD files. If it's not working on PC, try with the Wowza SimpleVideoStreaming client.

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    It woks fine with VOD. These are live streams. the IOS device will pause like a DVR. I dont think this is what its suppose to do if you dont have the add-on.


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    Is the StreamType "default"? It should be "live".

    Otherwise, what iOS version? What Wowza version?


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    I am not using the default. This is a "live-record" stream type. I tried it with IOS 6 device( I-Phone 5). We are using the lates production build of wowza 3.


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    I saw similar behavior on my system when I kept it paused for only a short while, but if I kept it paused for a couple minutes, it jumped back to the live point when resuming. I wonder if it matters how big your Cupertino chunk size is, etc. I didn't look into it too closely, however.

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    This is correct, if you pause the stream and then play within the cupertinoMaxChunkCount then you will be able to play from where you left off because the chunk hasn't expired yet.
    If you pause for longer than the cupertinoMaxChunkCount then the iOS device can't play the chunk paused on and snaps back to the where it would have been if the pause didn't take place.

    This isn't always a sure thing.. but testing suggests this behavior to be correct.


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