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Thread: re-record microphone with flex and wowza

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    Default re-record microphone with flex and wowza

    I am using flex and wowza to build an audio editor.I would like to add a re-record feature to it that allows a user(after he made a microphone recording) to select a moment in a timeline(of the current recording) from where he would like his re-recording to start over again and overwrite any already recorded sound after that moment.
    That would mean to modify the recording file that is saved on the server so it reflects the feature I've mentioned.
    I know this sounds difficult but wanted to know if any of you have sugestions since I don't think it can be done on the client side and I don't know any server side programming (which is java correct if I'm not wrong)

    Also do you think it would be possible to edit a file that is recorded on the server and cut seconds from it's begining or end?That would be an option so a user chooses to publish(save on server) only a time interval from his entire recording.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Wowza does not do cutting and joining of video files. You could make a Wowza module and use any command line tool to do this. You can write to and request a list of Independent Consultants who are familiar with Wowza server-side programming, if you'd like to hire help.

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    Hi Randall, thank you for your reply, could you please give more details about how I could edit video with 'Wowza module and use any command line tool'

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