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Thread: Working pull of IP Camera with Stream Manager but breaks my other live streams

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    Post Working pull of IP Camera with Stream Manager but breaks my other live streams

    Hello all, Thanks for the help in advance.

    I'm currently streaming live to my wowza server with FMLE and I'm capable of playing it back in the LiveVideoStreaming


    Everything works great..
    But when I start my Stream Manager and make a new stream,, and place the correct RTSP path:

    And it streams perfectly from my wowza server at:

    But it breaks my previous Live Stream.

    What might the issue be?

    Another separate issue, using FMLE I stream to both

    And try to set up 2 players and to see if both play but either one or the other plays. I've even tried to to change the content/transcode for where the stream would be.

    In addition, the moment I have the IP camera receiving then both FMLE streams crash.

    Thanks again for the help,

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    Could this because it is the developer edition and not the actual Wowza Server?

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    That's correct, you can only have one published stream at once when using the developer edition.
    If you have not already had a trial it doesn't have this limit but is only active for 30 days.

    You can find the trial details here,


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