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Thread: Origin -> With RTMPE/Secure Token

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    Default Origin -> With RTMPE/Secure Token

    Hello Everyone,

    I followed the instructions located here for setting up an Origin/Edge configuration and everything works as expected as long as I disable RTMPE with a secure token :{

    What I am trying to accomplish is have the Edge Servers connect to the origin server over RTMPE + SecureToken and then have the clients connect to the edge servers the same way (different Tokens). I get the feeling you can't pull a stream over RTMPE, is this right?

    I tried editing:

    to read rtmpe:// instead of rtmp and it doesn't work. Is my best bet to let the servers pull over RTMP + Secure Token and protect with IPsec or some other point to point method?

    Thanks you in advanced for any assistance.


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    RTMPE between edge and origin is not supported. SecureToken is though.


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    You can't do RTMPE between servers but you can use secure token with RTMP between your origin and edge.
    IPsec is a good option for your setup.


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