We need to playback prerecorded MP4 files but give the end user the impression of a live stream (no duration/progress info, and no seek allowed). Usually this is simple, in our HTML5 player there are no controls available. The only problem is on iPhone. iPhohe will always open & play a video in full screen at the same time making the native controls available (ignoring the video tag preferences).
So what we need is a way to fool the iPhone and make it think it's a live stream.
Is there a way on the server side to alter the media (maybe alter the sent duration info to make the stream look as a live stream?) that's sent to a HLS player?
I'm aware that's possible to create a live stream from a VOD file but i'm afraid it may be too heavy as we may have multiple users at the same time (each would req. a 'live stream' to be created).
Thanks for any suggestions.