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Thread: Wowza server management via simple web control panel

  1. Default WMSPanel - Wowza server management via web control panel


    WMSPanel, which recently became one of Wowza product partners, is glad to announce Wowza server management available via our unified web interface.

    It allows
    • Showing Wowza virtual hosts, starting and stopping them;
    • Run/stop startup streams;
    • Show applications list for each VHost;
    • Create, control, manage and delete applications;
    • Edit applications via both user-friendly wizard and raw XML config right from your browser;
    • Create and re-use application templates;
    • Start instances of applications;
    • Set application RTMP and RTSP user/password authentication.
    • All actions may be applied to multiple Wowza servers at once.

    Additional streams control is available, so you can start/stop/re-set them on multiple servers at once via MediaCaster. You can also record streams via LiveStreamRecord add-on. User permissions management may allow your end-users to be able to do the same, so you won't need to log in to each server manually to do your users' job.

    No remote connection, no SSH, no JMX. Just install WMSPanel agent once and then all actions are taken via the service web interface. Works excellent on any browser including PC, Mac, Android and iOS (looks amazing on iPad!).

    WMSPanel also provides WMSAuth restriction and control feature set described in this forum post. This approach is extended with Pay-per-view framework for Wowza that provides per-user control.

    Excellent reporting provides the following statistics:
    • Connections: total and per-protocol amount
    • Traffic and peak bandwidth
    • Geo-location and ISP networks
    • Durations and timing
    • Devices and players

    WMSPanel may be available via white label with your own domain and branding.

    This works well for both Wowza 2 and Wowza 3 server versions under any OS.
    WMSPanel is provided via SaaS subscription model.

    You can try this functionality free of charge. Sign up and try it during 2-week trial period.

    Wowza Consultant? Read how you can use WMSPanel, its reporting and PPV capabilities in your workflow.

    Check our latest features and updates in team blog and follow us on Twitter.
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  2. Default


    We are glad to add that WMSPanel now allows making group operations like adding new application to several servers at once or changing applications settings. Once an administrator chooses to create a new application or to edit one, he may do it on multiple servers just by clicking on their names.

    This might be extremely useful to those admins who rule dozens of servers on a daily basis.
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  3. Default Wowza reporting features set


    I'd also like add a few words about WMSPanel rich reporting capabilities.

    Real-time stats
    Last 2 minutes' connections count, bandwidth and top 20 countries of current visits

    Daily statistics
    • Connections count (per protocols)
    • Traffic (In, Out and Lost)
    • Peak bandwidth (In, Out)
    • Duration statistics with total, average view time and connections per duration intervals
    • Geo-location report with coutries and cities show in table and map view

    High-detail retrospective stats - total connections count with bandwidth and traffic (In, Out and Lost as well). 95% bandwidth reports are also available as additional feature.

    You can define data slices for selected applications as well as for individual streams to allow filtering statistics more precisely. Using white label panel with your own domain and logo you can create separate logins for your customers to provide better reporting service thus having an added value to your products.

    All daily stats data may be also obtained via export push API.

    Additionally you can see realtime and retro stats for each of your active and inactive streams.

    So you can just sign up for free trial and use the panel for next 2 weeks free of charge to see how it can help your business.
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  4. Default CPU and RAM performance metrics


    Check out Wowza server performance metrics available at WMSPanel.
    It has real-time and retrospective charts for CPU, physical memory and swap memory load. It does not require JMX as it uses native Java methods used by our Wowza add-on.

    It's perfectly displayed on desktop, iOS and Android browsers.

    You can see it in action for your servers after free service sign up.
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  5. Default Billing your clients

    We're glad to announce a new billing feature set.

    Based on data slices concept, it allows setting up billing parameters for your clients and calculate amounts for further charge based on traffic information.

    You can find further details in this billing blog post.

  6. Default daily reports


    Check our latest daily statistics screencast which includes:
    • Daily stats for connections, bandwidth, traffic and play time
    • Duration metrics and chart
    • Single day summary
    • Geo-location report

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  7. Default


    We got new screen cast describing our data slices concept as well as showing the panel to your customers via white label with custom domain and logo.

    Check this out:

  8. Default Portuguese, Spanish and Italian translations

    Recently the list of our interface language has increased and it now includes:

    Both website and Dashboard pages are translated.

    Having native interface language helps your customers to browse their reports in a natural way. Our customers are actively participating in translation which makes those localizations being a "real-life" ones. So if any language is missing, just let us know.
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  9. Default

    Have a moment to take a look at our cloud architecture which makes our service reliable, scalable and robust.

  10. Default Devices and players report

    There are several updates made during last several weeks, let's see what we've got.

    1. Today we introduced Devices and players report available as part of daily statistics. You can see separate report for devices and for players/browsers.

    2. Admin users may now delegate some functions to their end-users which access their assets via white label panels. This includes the ability to set up server configuration and the ability to create custom data slices.

    3. Speaking of white label: we've added CSS customization capabilities to customers' branded panels.

    4. Some ready-to-use application configuration templates has been added to the system. They include simple cases for beginner streamers as well as sophisticated templates for origin-edge configs for Wowza re-streaming.
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