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Thread: Re-Streaming an interleaved RTP stream with PUSH logic

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    Red face Re-Streaming an interleaved RTP stream with PUSH logic

    Hi all,

    first of all, I am new to WOWZA, so don't be mad if I say/ask something stupid.

    I am trying to make it so my app on my android phone can PUSH RTP a/v stream to WOWZA server (over TCP), and also, when this happens, some remote clients should access that pushed/published stream with RTSP from WOWZA server and watch it on their RTSP media players. Streaming should be LIVE, so no recording is required on WOWZA server.

    I tried to do this by following some tutorials online and on this website, but I failed at anything I tried. Sometimes I couldn't connect to Wowza server to send data, sometimes I could, but in all cases I couldn't open RTSP stream FROM the WOWZA server in VLC (or QuickTime)... And because I think I am only spinning in circles with this and going nowhere, can someone please tell me:

    1. How do I configure WOWZA to accept an interleaved RTP stream over TCP on some port, lets say 664?
    2. How do I tell it then to put that RTP stream (as is, without transcoding, or anything) available for streaming on port 554 for other remote RTSP clients?
    3. Does WOWZA generate SDP for that RTP stream, or I will have to make some .SDP file describing the interleaved streams?

    Any samples, links, schemes, are welcome!
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