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Thread: Did anything surrounding recording change between builds?

  1. Default Did anything surrounding recording change between builds?

    I'm working on a recording application, recording H.264/speex streams to flv. Those FLV's will ultimately be processed with FFMPEG and/or Libav.

    When recording using WMS build 1873 (on a dedicated Ubuntu server), the recorded files are fine, and libav doesn't complain about them. When using the same client application to record to WMS 3.1.2 build 1624 on ec2, I end up with non monotonically increasing timestamps on the video stream (the scurge of FFMPEG/Libav users everywhere).

    Has anything changed between build 1624 and build 1873 that would affect timestamps in a recorded FLV?


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    MediaWriterFLV has not changed since build 954. It could be more an issue relating to the incoming stream. Maybe the audio and video are shifted. You might consider adding a sort buffer on the ingestion side.

    How to troubleshoot live streaming

    See the first section.


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    Thanks Charlie... I'll give that a try.

    I was mainly wondering if Wowza fiddles with the PTS's before it writes the frames to file. I'm finding that when publishing from the flash player, I often get a series of frames with the same PTS in the flv, and that seems to be what's hanging up libav.

    Does wowza alter the PTS's, or just pass them through to the file?

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    We should be just passing them through. If you have steps to reproduce the issue let me know and we can take a look.


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    Thanks again Charlie. That's pretty much what I figured. FMS does the same thing. In the end, I think this is a Flashplayer problem, and not a server problem.

    Interestingly though, applying the sort buffer cleared up an entirely different issue. Without the buffer, FFMPEG would create a lot of pops and clicks when going from Speex to AAC. With the buffer, that seems to be smoothed out.

    If you'd like, I can send you an FLV that demonstrates the problem with the timestamps.

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    By the way, what does the sortBufferSize denote? Is that number of packets? Cumulative, or separate counts for different packet types?

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