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Thread: Recording with Instances (Wowza 3)

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    I'm trying record my stream (with instances) using livestreamrecord module. But during the testing, it says my stream is not live. I searched the forum and chanced upon this link ( I was able to make the changes in the code by following randall's instruction. However, I found out later that the code is applicable only to LiveStreamRecord_2.0. I'm using LiveStreamRecord_3.0 and I'm clueless what particular change/s should I make in the code. Need your assistance on this.

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    The message is straightforward, it meant that the stream you were trying to record was not live. There was not any coding changes required, you just have to start a live stream by that name.

    It is very helpful in testing to run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode. You can see Wowza log output in the console. Start a stream, then try to record it with LiveStreamRecord


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