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    Default Question about load balancing

    I have a wowza web server set up and running well. We stream live events and record them for vod later. We have an event that is coming up where we might need to loadbalace with an instance from amazon to handle some extra traffic. I just need a very basic loadbalacing solution but have some questions.

    1) Do we need to use the dynamic load balancing add on or is there another option?
    2) How do we set the origin server to record live streams for vod?
    3) Can we set the vod to just use the origin server or do we need to roll out the vod files to all the amazon instances?
    4) if we need to install the loadbalacing addon will that cause issues with current applications like vod that are running on the server now?

    Whats the best tutorial for setting up this configuration?


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    1) you could use the elastic load balancer system AWS offers to balance your ec2 edges (round robin this the likely solution there)

    2) set the stream type on the origin to liverepeater-origin-record. You'll also want to set your http packetizers as repeaters.

    3) you don't need to put the VOD files on aws. You can just serve them from the origin server (I assume you have a separate application for VOD).

    4) Not sure... never used the loadbalancing addon, but I suspect someone will be along shortly to answer that one.

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    Thank you for the quick reply

    I guess my question on for 1 was is there a default round robin load balancer in wowza and where is the turorial located. Or do I need to use the dynamic addon for load balancing.

    with the http packetizers are those set up within the application.xml file?

    I do have a seperate application for VOD.

    Once again
    Than you

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    The Wowza Load Balancer will not affect other applications. It doesn't even affect the origin or edge applications. Clients get "least loaded server" from the LB, then they initiate streaming with that edge. The LB is not involved beyond that, no involvement with streaming at all.

    You can get it here:

    Actually, you can use the regular HTTP packetizers on the origin, use repeater packetizers on the edge(s)


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    Great, I just wanted to make sure I did not need to change the applications that we currently have on the server. I want to set this up and test it for this event.

    We use Jw player as our client. Is there something that I need to configure on the player? We currently use that player for HTML5 fall back for IOS devices. I assume JW player handles this as well.


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    Support for this is built-in to JW Player for RTMP. Follow the guidance for setting up RTMP redirect in the included guide.

    However, for the HLS fallback in JW Player, that is not handled. The client-side configuration assumes you know the URL to stream from, and you don't until you have got that info from the Wowza LB, but it should not be too hard to use XMLHTTPRequest to get least loaded edge server from the Wowza load balancer and modify the url in that script.

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