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Thread: HTTP Progressive Download using Wowza

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    Default HTTP Progressive Download using Wowza


    In my current project, I need to validate the use of Wowza as the single streaming server solution.
    It is possible to do HTTP Progressive Download using Wowza, current version or in the futur? I can see you support HTTP Live Streaming (Apple), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Adobe), and HTTP Smooth Streaming (Microsoft). But what about a simple HTTP Pseudo Streaming like we can do using a IIS/Apache? I would like to connect it to Flash clients or native HTML5 (using the <video> tag). I would like to do one media configuration ("import" the media inside Wowza) and this will be served eventually by different streaming methods.

    Can't Wowza do all-in-one solution for all kind of streaming?

    Also, I heard about MPEG-DASH? Do you see it being widely adopted by the industry?

    Many thanks

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    No, sorry, Wowza does not support progressive download.

    mpeg-dash may be supported in a future version of Wowza, but I don't have a time frame.


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