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    Post Main profile problem

    Hello, I currently use wowza with origin system - edge and transcoder for multiple resolutions and bitrate, but when I transmit with MAIN profile 5.1 the resulting video becomes stuck little fluid, this is due to.

    I also tried with a normal instance without origin and without transcoder-edge and the result is the same.

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    Hello capirry24,

    I am able to stream main profile successfully. Can you provide a bit more information about your minimal setup using just one Wowza server without transcoding?

    1. What is the stream bitrate, resolution, a/v codecs, keyframe interval, etc.?
    2. What players have you tested?
    3. Do they all exhibit the same problem?
    4. Does lowering the level or profile while keeping the same bitrate change anything?

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    Format: MAIN 5.1
    FrameRate: 29.97
    Imputsize: 720x480
    Outputsize: 720X480

    Bit Rate: 600 Kbps

    The program I use to encode is Wirecast and Adobe Flash Media Encoder.

    The capture is USB encore brand, a brand CANOPUS Fireware capture and an integrated camera to PC for testing with the 3 I have problems and is a team Corei3 Transmitter with 4GB RAM

    On the other hand I'm using a server instance with Amazon WOWZA trancoder amino a9a273c0 ORIGIN.

    The other server I use is unservidor AMAZON normal.


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