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Thread: How to debug DVR ABR stream alignment

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    Default How to debug DVR ABR stream alignment

    One of the common problems with DVR ABR is that the streams are not aligned properly or they fall out of alignment. This HTTPProvider queries one or more ABR streams, and displays their timing side-by-side so that it is easy to see if the streams align properly.

    To use:
    • First, download
    • Copy the module into install/lib/
    • Then add the following to VHost.xml. For example, in the 8086 section of HTTPProviders (but before the ServerInfo one)

    • While the DVR streams is running, enter the following in a browser:


    This command will query each of the streams, showing:
    • Basic status information for each of the streams.
    • Time Map information:
    • A partial manifest for audio and video chunks.

    The time map has an entry for each time the DVR time to packet time mapping has changed. For a stream with no gaps, there would be a single time map entry. Otherwise, it will contain "1 + (number of time gaps)" time map entries.
    The manifest shown by default will contain the first chunk and last chunk. In between it will show any chunks that span time resets. So, if the time reset at chunk 51, the manifest will include chunk information for chunk 50 and chunk 51.

    Other URL param options are:
    • forceLoad=true|false : By default the DVR stores must already be loaded. To force them to be loaded, add "forceLoad=true" to the command
    • fullManifest=true|false : By default a partial manifest is returned. To return the entire manifest, add "fullManifest=true" to the command
    • format=table|raw|manifest : By default a page with HTML tables is returned. Other formats include
      • "raw", which returns comma separated, unformatted info about the DVR recording.
      • "manifest", which returns a XML-like format like the format used in the DVR manifest folders. This may provide useful in conjunction with "fullManifest" to create a DVR ABR test case.
      • "table" - default HTML table format

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