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Thread: Making the Live streaming example work.

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    Default Making the Live streaming example work.

    I'm new to Wowza. Wowza is working and I am trying to make the livestreaming example work. For this I use Adobe Media Flash

    Encoder 3.2.

    I can access the stream at webserver localhost, (by using url rtmp://localhost/live) but I can not display the stream from a

    remote computer (using the url rtmp://[my-ip-number]/live or rtmp://[my-ip-number]:1935/live).

    Is it so that the "Wowza IP adress" is the same as the IP of my computer or is it something else?

    If it is something else how should I figure out what it is? Could the the problems of accessing the stream have to do with

    something else like closed ports..?

    I also get a 5 sec. delay from the encoder to the display on the webserver (on localhost).

    Do you possibly got some idea why that might be?

    Thank you for any answer.

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    You may be getting blocked by your router or your firewall so be sure that port 1935 is open.
    Also you may be getting the internal and external IP addresses of your computer (if behind a router) mixed up when trying to access the live steam.

    Note: this site will help with router settings and configuration,

    Yes Wowza's IP address is the IP address of the computer running Wowza.

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