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    I have a little question regarding performance of WOWZA and how much viewers I could handle (Livestreaming) with my Servers.

    I have 3 HP ProLiant DL120 G7 Servers with the following speccs:
    Newest Intel XEON E3 1230 CPU with 4 x 3,2 GHz and HT
    2 x 1.000 GB Enterprise-HDDs
    16 GB DDR3 ECC RAM

    All 3 are located in a data center in Dusseldorf, Germany and connected to a 1000mbit port.

    Now my question would be how many viewers I could handle with those machines? (How many per Server?)

    Thanks for the answer.

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    It all depends on the bandwidth of the stream that they are viewing. With that sort of spec machine, if it is tuned correctly, you should be able to get almost the full 1gbps. A 1gbps port will normally saturate at just over 900mbps.

    It is simply a calculation of bitrate x connections.


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