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Thread: Limit Upstreams per Application

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    Default Limit Upstreams per Application


    I have several Users (Streamer) who each is set up as separate application in the wowza settings. Now some users are "overdoing" it, and send too many parallel streams over one application (= userslot). I need to limit the number of parallel upstreams per application to a maximum of 3 streams. How do I set this up?

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    Hi Wolfgang_P,

    Take a look at this module: How to limit publishing of live stream by IP list

    You can modify it to suit your needs.

    See the Connectioncounts HTTPProvider source for a way to get a count of the currently published streams.

    Something like this:
    List<String> publishStreams = appInstance.getStreams().getPublishStreamNames();
    if (publishStreams.size() > 3) reject = true;

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