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Thread: HLS in iOS 6.0.1

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    Default HLS in iOS 6.0.1

    Dear Wowza team,

    are there currently any known issues concerning HLS playback in iOS 6.0.1?
    I just got a customer report that Cupertino streaming of VoD mp4 files worked without any problems in iOS 6.0 so far, but as Apple rolled out its update to iOS 6.0.1 in Europe today, it only should play audio when starting a streamed video playback. Native playback of the mp4 files via progressive download should work without any problems.

    I could not test it on my own so far. Maybe it is also a developer issue concerning app programming because I saw some security enhancements in the ChangeLog for the iOS 6.0.1 update. I only want to be sure that it is unlikely to be a streaming server (protocol or configuration) issue.

    Thanks in advance
    Never mind, it was a customer handling error. Sorry, post can be deleted.)

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    Even if the previous issue was closed, I have a similar problem with streaming in ios 6.0.1. It looks like the adaptive algorithm has been messed up. When i stream (live) the phones does not step up to any higher track and just stays on the audio fallback. It's not a problem with bandwidth for sure, and i tested the same stream with a 5.x device on the same network which is just fine.

    I've tested 2x 6.0.1 devices, both with same problem, and 2 x 5.x devices which both works fine. Unfortunately I don't have any 6.0 devices available.

    Anyone else have similar issues with 6.0.1?

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    Same problem... and still have no luck to solve it

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    A common problem is key frames not aligned. Key frame alignment is necessary for switching. You can debug like this:


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