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Thread: Load Balancing AND ShareObjects

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    Question Load Balancing AND ShareObjects

    Hi, I'm installing AddOn Load Balancing.I have some questions.

    1. I have some applications in the directory "conf" on the main server. Do I have to transfer these applications on the secondary server "listener"?
    2. How does the stream transfer from the main server to the secondary?
    3. Besides the stream I use the chat by the ShareObjects technology. So, how does the ShareObjects technology transfer from the main server to the secondary server, and how does the chat become common?

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    Hi Alexsandr,

    Let's see if I can help.

    The Wowza Loadbalancer module is an example, source included, that probably needs to be altered for production use cases. All it does it provide the least loaded server based on number of connections, it does not do any replication of content. To distribute your media over multiple servers you would use the LiveRepeater technique for live streams and the MediaCache addon for VOD content.

    So, regarding your questions 1 and 2, you do not technically need to copy your applications to use the LoadBalancer. But, for most use cases you will copy them, in order to use the LiveRepeater or MediaCache in conjunction with the LoadBalancer.

    Regarding question 3: Shared Objects are not shared between servers. You can either create some custom inter-server communication (complicated) or use an arguably simpler method, which is to direct the creator of a chat room to the least loaded server, and then direct any other clients who join that chatroom to the same server. This way everybody in a chatroom can use the same shared object on the same server.

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    Hi. I have found the java script for limiting the count of connections to the edge servers
    Do you have any java script like that for the origin server? For example, only 100 users connect to the origin server, and the other users are
    connected to the edge servers.

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    Becides, I want the speakers to be connected to the origin server always (not to be directed to the edge servers. Only
    viewers should be directed to the edge servers if limit is up.) And the file with the translation
    must be saved on the origin server.

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    This seems like a duplicate of this forum post:


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