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Thread: Wowza Media Server 'Phone Home' to Licensing Servers

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    Default Wowza Media Server 'Phone Home' to Licensing Servers


    I am attempting to get approval from our Information Security group to allow Wowza Media Server to 'phone home' to the Wowza licensing server(s). They have questions regarding this requirement by the software.
    1) What information is contained within the request sent by the Wowza Server to the License server.
    2) Can the request be sent via port 443 instead of port 80.

    Until they get an answer to these questions, I cannot proceed with getting the firewall rules configured, and without the firewall being configured, I can't install the software.

    Anybody know what info is in the license validation request and if the connection can be done over port 443 instead of 80?


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    Please send this question to


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