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    When doing smil playlist, this is the meta data that we pass to player


    It will pass the video size, and duration. My question is how to pass the video size only? I want to skip the duration. The problem with duration is if I have multiple clips with short duration like 4mins, the player will stop after 4 mins because it thinks the video already ended


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    The duration can be changed in the Media reader section found here,

    This article has two sections and the media reader section is what you should be interested in, look for
    To send the calculated duration from playlist above to the Flash client, create this MediaReaderMP4InjectMetadata Class, then modify /conf/MediaReaders.xml as shown
    I'm not sure if this is restricted to Flash RTMP only with you only using the media reader section, but this is something you will have to play around with on your own I'm afraid.

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    Thanks, let me try it.

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