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Thread: How many connections/inputs per server

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    Default How many connections/inputs per server

    Hi. If I have a number of MPEG4 live feeds coming into a single streaming server, that is a decent size..32GB RAM, quad processor etc, how many connections should I have come in?

    Is there a limit or a recommendation of limit for performance. I want to publish in formats for iPhone, blackberry, Flash etc from the same server. Basically looking to see if I should connect 1, 10 or 100 feeds to a single server. thanks in advance.

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    The number of incoming streams is limited by cpu and ram, whereas outgoing streams is usually limited by bandwidth. So a very robust server is required, a late model quad or dual quad cpu, 8-16g ram, 64bit OS/Java, and well tuned. You have to test to find the limit. I have heard of over 100 incoming streams on very robust servers


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