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Thread: Recording many low bitrate streams

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    Default Recording many low bitrate streams

    Hi forum

    I run an origin/edge configuration on Amazon EC2 with a large number of incoming low-bitrate audio streams hitting our origin servers.

    Bearing in mind that protecting the integrity of the live streams is more important to us than the recording, what is the best strategy for recording all these streams to disk?

    I would prefer to write to disk on a different server as my experience with EC2 is mixed when it comes to load under heavy disk IO, and I don't want to risk our origin server going down because of the recording. Is there a pain free way to set this up out of the box using Wowza, or will a custom module be required?

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    You can set your edge server to record the stream on the origin by using a .stream file on the edge that points to the origin streams.
    Set the edge application getting these streams to live-record in the Application.xml.

    You can start the streams with streammanager which is found by default at this address:

    Alternatively you can use the guide found here,

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    The streams are created dynamically and don't have a predicatable name.

    Is there a way to set up an "edge" server (actually a dedicated recording server) which will record every stream from the origin server, without knowing the stream names in advance?

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    Well that is possible, you would have to write some custom code to tell the edge server the publish events from the origin and then the edge server can use those names to come and get the streams from the origin but this could be a lot of work on your part.

    If you require a consultant to help you achieve this you can get the independent consultants list by sending a request via email to


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    Ok thanks for the info. I can write the code. It might be a nice module/addition for Wowza in the future though.

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