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Thread: Flash Media Encoder and Wowza

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    Exclamation Flash Media Encoder and Wowza

    I'm using Adobe flash media encoder from encode 2 live streams.
    Those streams are register to wowza server in the CDN cloud (same network segment).
    In the Adobe Flash encoders there is possibility to work in batch mode meaning that Idon't open the application just run the saved profile (XML file that save live stream parameters).
    The technical problem that I'm facing with is that there are same times that one of the stream (sometimes the primary or the backup) is stop streaming and I'm getting on the CMD window "attempting to re-connect).
    1. Is there any possibility to know what is the reason?
    2. Can the wowza Server can send log file (automatically) to my NOC that the publisher failed?


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    It is probably a network issue, somewhere between the encoder and Wowza.

    There is no built-in way to send email in Wowza but you can use a Wowza module with IMediaStreamActionNotify listener, to use its onUnPublish() handler to send email when that is triggered. It won't necessarily be triggered by failure though.


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