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    We want to demonstrate the dynamic switching capability of the wowza transcoder to one of the clients of our company.
    In a face to face meeting I want to show from my iphone that the transcoder can dynamically switch streams without stopping the playback.
    However since the client switches streams automatically depending on the bandwidth between client and server, I cannot demonstrate this if the bitrate stays the same during the meeting.
    Is there a way to force the client to switch streams from server side?

    I thought I could do something from the stream manager (stopping the currently playing version of the stream to force the client to another version) but i can not stop a particular stream from the name group. I can only delete the entire name group or noting.

    Any other way to force server side switching?

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    last I heard, for iOS devices, we don't know a way to do this. You can do it with Silverlight smooth streams, or RTMP Dynamic Streaming, and Flash HTTP (OSMF) players using bandwidth limiting tools and displays in some players: For Smooth, one of the Expression 4 Encoder templates shows this info, for OSMF there is this debug player you can run like this:[wowza-address]:1935/vod/smil:wedding.smil/manifest.f4m&liveDynamicStreamingBufferTime=8&initialBufferTime=8&minContinuousPlaybackTime=10&autoPlay=true
    and JW Player has the "qualitymonitor" plugin to showq stats for its RTMP Dynamic Streaming technique


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