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Thread: validating rtmp stream.

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    Default validating rtmp stream.

    Hi Guys,
    Is there a way to validate if a rtmp stream endpoint exists before startMediaCasterStream ? Currently wowza says stream successfully started even if the rtmp endpoint is not valid and i see lot of watchdog messages for invalid rtmp streams. This happens at a fixed frequency.
    LiveMediaStreamReceiver.doWatchdog: streamTimeout: Resetting connection.

    How do i prevent invalid rtmp streams being added to startMediaCasterStream ?


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    The MediaCaster system is used to start rtsp/rtp, mpeg-ts, liverepeater and shoutcast streams, which all need to be "pulled". An RTMP live encoder pushes a stream to Wowza, so the MediaCaster system is not useful in that case.


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    Thanks for the reply, i think i didn't mention the issue clearly.
    we are using mediacaster system as a liverepeater for cupertino streaming by pulling rtmp stream. In my case i am trying to figure out is there a way to validate rtmp stream before starting liverepeater. As i mentioned startMediaCasterStream tries to pull rtmp stream even if it doesn't exist which i want to avoid.Is there a work around for this ?

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