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Thread: Several Wowza process, none working correctly, no log

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    Default Several Wowza process, none working correctly, no log


    It's been a month now since i began to notice that my edege servers (i'm in an origin-repeaters setup) are sometime spawning a new Wowza process, sometime 2 or three new Wowza process.

    I don't see anything in the logs of wowza or in the system log. It is not clear if there is a particular scenario that leads to this situation, however, it always means that nothing works :
    * wowza is not responding on its http interface (http://wowzaip:8086)
    * no more serve streams
    * no new line in logs

    I've double checked the ressources used, but nothing seems to be out of normality.

    i run wowza 3.0.5 on deban squeeze, with java build 1.6.0_20-b02 from debian packages

    any idea?


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    What do you mean multiple processes? Multiple instances of Wowza?

    You might try updating to 3.5, and the latest Oracle JDK 1.7 release

    Are you properly tuned?

    Do you see any "outOfMemory" log message?


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