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Thread: Application.xml in the conf/vod has no effect on my vod sample that i used and

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    Default Application.xml in the conf/vod has no effect on my vod sample that i used and

    I am having problems with vod. I have it working and can watch the videos with flowplayer. But adding modules to the /conf/vod/Application.xml
    had no effect on anything. No matter what I change in the file it doesn't reflect anything. I tried several modules none work. Its like its not
    reading it. I delete the whole file and it keeps playing just fine. Made the file blank and just everything keeps the exact same.

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    Possibly you have a misconfiguration with Application.xml in which case Wowza will default to the one located at /conf/Application.xml.

    Try copying the stock Application.xml over to /conf/vod, or possibly uninstalling, deleting the Wowza folder, then re-installing from scratch.

    You can also post your entire Application.xml here enclosed in BBcode "[ code ]" blocks.

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