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Thread: Flash-Player for Listening to Live Audio Broadcast

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    Default Flash-Player for Listening to Live Audio Broadcast


    I need to setup a live audio broadcast application. I am able to capture the speakers audio via flex. And i am able to listen to the live audio broadcast via flex as well.

    Now issue is that i want the listener side to be able to work via flash player directly(instead of flex code). So i choose the JWPlayer to hear the audio.
    I have tried every possible hit/trial to get this to work. But just cant manage.

    I get the error:
    Error loading player:No playable sources found

    I have tried all sorts of combinations but am totally lost.


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    For configuration and playback, take a look at this tutorial

    For an example of a Flex client that publishes to Wowza, take a look examples/VideoChat/clientFlex

    You can just comment out the Camera lines


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    Thanks alot Richard. You are very very helpful always.
    The code example was excellent!

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