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Thread: Wowza 3 + Cloudfront Findings

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    Default Wowza 3 + Cloudfront Findings

    We have selected as World Robotic Olympiad 2012 Livestreamer held at Kuala Lumpur.

    So we decided to use Wowza3 with m1.large and amazon cloud front.

    I use live monitoring so I know how many connection that hit my wowza origin


    1. When I look into access log, only Cloudfront accessing the wowza origin for bot Sanjose and Cupertino
    2. When I look into live monitoring, it seems like if i use 3 iphones connecting, the wmspanel too reported 3 viewers connected ( originally I thought CF will server all 3 with 1 connection to my wowza origin )
    3. CF vol transfer usage 29.7 GB
    4. EC2 vol transfer usage 38.1 GB

    On the livstream page, I only do device detection via browser header and only serve HLS and HDS

    PC : HDS
    Android & iOS : HLS

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    I will contact you by email.

    Kind regards,
    Angela Han

    Wowza Media Systems

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