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Thread: StreamLock AddOn VS RTMPE AddOn

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    Default StreamLock AddOn VS RTMPE AddOn

    So is it correct that if we configure the new StreamLock AddOn we will not need the RTMPE AddOn becasue the StreamLock AddOn does what the RTMPE AddOn does but also does more?


    Wowza StreamLock AddOnóWowza StreamLock AddOn provides near-instant provisioning of free 256-bit SSL certificates and greatly simplifies deploying the proven security of SSL to wrap your RTMP session using RTMPS. StreamLock-provisioned certificates provide the best security when used with RTMP, but they can also be used for secure HTTP streaming (HTTPS).

    RTMPE AddOnóWowza RTMPE AddOn provides the same network encryption security as in past releases, but is now provided as an AddOn to Wowza Media Server 3.5. RTMPE-based communications offers some of the benefits of RTMPS, but not all. Current users who wish to continue using RTMPE will need to request and install this AddOn after installing Wowza Media Server version 3.5.

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    StreamLock is not an AddOn but a way to get an SSL certificate without having to purchase one separately.
    When you have an SSL certificate you will be able to use RTMPS which uses the SSL certificate to provision security rather than using an encryption method which is used by RTMPE.


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