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Thread: wowza 3.5 m3u8

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    Default wowza 3.5 m3u8

    I'm new to trying HTTP Live Streaming or HLS, cupertino with Wowza. I think mine is working using content other than the sample.mp4, but I'm not sure how or why.

    Could someone kindly enlighten how an H.264, AAC, encoded stream works using playlist.m3u8? Is the h.264 stream actually being segmented somehow with wowza to make the HLS streaming work?

    I've been reading about ffmpeg and preparing a transport stream for use with HTTP Live streaming but I don't see where any of that takes place using wowza. Thus I'm curious how it is working, if in fact it is. At least it's playing thru the i-Phone simulator application with xcode.

    Is there a better way to verify it's working correctly (other than have someone with an i-Phone connect to the stream). I mean is there a way to see any files generated, segments, etc as proof of concept?

    Thank you,

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    You can look at the chunklist:

    Then you can download individual .ts files and open them in VLC for playback


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    Yes. Was able to do both things to help verify HLS was working properly.

    Thanks very much for this info.



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