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Thread: VOD - For browsers? HTML5?

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    Default VOD - For browsers? HTML5?

    Hi, I need to stream to browsers a couple of videos... I've been reading as much as I could about how to do this and I found this post:

    But it says nothing about streaming to chrome, firefox, and other browsers, just for safari... Is there a way of doing this? or is not possible at all? Is there any solution if is not possible using html5?


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    You need a Flash or Silverlight player to stream to the desktop. There is not a Wowza/HTML5 streaming method at present.

    Flash players
    JW Player (RTMP, HLS, current version is 6 actually)

    Flowplayer (RTMP, HDS, HLS)

    Flash Media Playback Player (RTMP, HDS)

    Silverlight Players

    Expression 4 Encoder templates

    SMF Framework


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    Thanks Richard! Your answers are always so helpful!

    Now I'm using Flash Media Playback Player, I had some problems finding the right URL but figure it out!

    Thanks again!

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    You're welcome. Thanks for the update


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    Richard, has there been any update for HTML5 video support? Or is it still limited to Safari? I haven't been able to find a recent post about this...

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