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Thread: Performance numbers for ABR

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    Default Performance numbers for ABR

    Hi - We want to size our hardware and need some info. Our requirement is -

    1) Video cast amongst a group of members (say max 10 in a group). In RCS, a user can define groups and then start a video cast to the rest of the members.
    2) We plan to support 1 million users and doing 1.5 million video casts a day.
    3) Depending upon the end client support, we will end up doing ABR (adaptive bit rate) using the addOn.

    Do we have some numbers assuming the o/p has say 4GB NIC interface and CPU/Mem is sandyBrdige config ?

    Example - dual quad cpu, 8 GB Ram, 64 BIT , 150 kbps o/p rate

    As I understand the o.p is limited by the NIC and the input on the cpu/ram.

    How many input streams and o.p streams can we support ?


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    That is all correct. Wowza/Java will max out around 5mbs, if you have that much bandwidth available. That is a Java limitation.


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