Since its debut headphones were released in 2008, the celebrity-backed beats by dre has expanded its lineup, shed Monster as a business partner, and managed to get its products endorsed and worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Lebron James.What do you do when you have 56 percent of the premium headphone market in the U.S.? What do you do when people everywhere are wearing the red wired headphones with the B insignia? While on set shooting a #Show Your Color spot for Beats By Dre headphones, Azealia Banks took a few minutes to kick it with Beats TV.
The new Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo is a simple and, at $99.95 (direct), comparatively inexpensive addition to the line-up. It features the familiar Beats styling, bass-heavy frequency response, and is distortion free—even at top volumes. The earphones could also be a bit more comfortable and secure-fitting, but they deliver overall solid value for this price range.Beats by Dre is the latest company to enter the portable Bluetooth speaker market, going into the ring with its challenger: the Pill. And Beats delivers.The Executive model is grey,Beats Studio has the Beats logo on the side and look pretty comfortable. That’s good, because they are comfortable.
If you’re looking for a more private listening experience, there are the new Executive noise-canceling headphones. The $299 headphones are well-made and comfortable to wear; the earpieces are covered in brushed aluminum, and lined inside with hand-stitched leather. Beats Pro They’re honestly the most comfortable over-ear headphones I’ve ever put on. I can’t use the new Apple Ear Pad/Bud/Whatevers because they don’t fit into my ear properly. Oh well.
They’re also really light, which I wouldn’t have guessed.The pair that the company sent me are called the “Executive” model, and I think it’s a marketing ploy to get the attention of people who travel a lot who might make a bagload of money every year. That’s so not me, so it’s weird that I’m reviewing them. However, I am obsessed with music, so perhaps my thoughts will shed some light on whether these $299.95 headphones are indeed a piece of crap – or are worth buying.Beats Executive?beats by dre australia headphones are designed to take you from boardroom to the tarmac and everywhere in between SuST20121116.