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Thread: Bad audio transcoding

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    Default Bad audio transcoding

    I am try to transcode DVB-S signal from sattelite ( MPEG-2 / MP3)
    When I set audio passThru - transcoded stream is not play on iOS and Flash, but good work on STB
    If i set audiotranscoding to AAC it dont work correctly anywhare( on STB video is ok but sound -only periodical "pip" ) flash and iOS played small part (play/pause..... play/pause and bad sound)

    On another installation of Wowza all work good. All configures is indentical

    ANy ideas ?


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    Add "cupertinostreamingpacketizer" to Application.xml /Stream /LiveStreamPacketizers, if not there already, then start the stream and look at the cupertino packetizer log messages for the transcoded renditions. There is details about the encoding there. Also playback a transcode rendition in VLC over rtsp and check Tools > Codec info


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