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Thread: Question about loadBalancerSenderMessageInterval

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    Default Question about loadBalancerSenderMessageInterval

    I currently have the following setup.

    1 Origin Server - Incoming streams are transrated down to 2 lower bit rate streams
    2. 3 Edge Servers
    3. Load balancer running on the Origin Server with all three edge servers sending their status to it.

    Using JW Player 5.9 and the redirect application method.

    My concern is that we for our application we may have a few hundred people watching a stream. When that stream ends we automatically forward the viewers to a new player with a new Stream. Basically these are conferences and when one session ends we forward them automatically to the next session which may be in a different room with a different encoder.

    My concern is that since all of these people will be loading JW Player at nearly the same time the bulk of them may end up on the same edge server. Because when JW Player checks the LoadBalancer it is going to say that Edge 1 , 2 and 3 are pretty much empty so just dump everyone on the first one on the list.

    Some of the problem may be worked out because different people will load the page at different times just based on thier computers performance, distance to our servers etc, however I was wondering if there are any suggestions as to a way to help minimize everyone getting dumped on the same server.

    One though I had was to decrease the time that each edge sends an update to the loadbalancer.

    Is the correct setting for that


    If I lower that to say 500 would that mean it is sending more frequent updates to the loadbalancer so the load balancer would have the most updated information as to where people are connected?

    Would there be any negatives of going from 2500 to 500.

    Thank you
    James Newman

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    It would increase overhead on the load balancer, but I doubt it will be critical. Each edge is just sending a few bits of data


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