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Thread: Trancoder - Newbie question

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    I am just new on this technology. I installed Wowza Media Server 3 Trial Edition (Expires: Dec 15, 2012) 3.5.0 build2989 running on ubuntu with no errors. When i try to published and pull stream from Sumavision EMR3 using udp://@ and try playback im getting this WARN.

    WARN server comment - RTPPlayer.describe: No video packetizer[11]: MPEG2
    INFO rtsp describe 1279940269 -
    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.bind[live/_definst_]: in: out:/
    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.bind[live/_definst_]: in: out:/
    INFO stream play -
    INFO rtsp play 1279940269 -
    INFO server comment - UDPTransport.firstPacket: bind: msg:/
    INFO server comment - LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/]: Add chunk: id:6 mode:TS[MPEG2,MP3] a/v/k:39/0/0 duration:10272
    INFO server comment - LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/]: Add chunk: id:7 a/v/k:97/132/10 duration:9710
    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.unbind[live/_definst_]: sent:99 recv:2
    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.unbind[live/_definst_]: sent:4 recv:0
    INFO stream stop -
    INFO stream destroy -

    What should be my missing configuration. Thanks in advance.

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    You have to transcode mpeg2, which is only supported for decode by the Wowza Transcoder

    Wowza will transcode to mpeg4 part 10 (aka h.264) video and AAC audio.


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