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Thread: How to use smart phone as multi camera production

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    Default How to use smart phone as multi camera production

    Maybe there's a need that we need to use our iPhone,iPad, Android for Multi Camera Production and stream to Wowza. There are plenty of broadcast app for both IOS and Wowza

    - LivU
    - Broadcaste Me

    - Android Broadcaster

    The app can send live rtsp/rtmp to Wowza Server, but how do we switch the camera source for our MCP ? Then we need to hack a bit, have a look into the diagram below :

    Much better if you can dedicate 1 laptop per 1 camera if you want to capture the individual audio. So the flow is like this

    1) Camera Man 1 will broadcast a RTP/RTMP video to local Wowza Server as /live/camera1
    2) A dedicated PC will play the stream as RTSP/RTMP by opening Apple Quicktime or flash player
    3) Now we can see live video for Camera Man 1 via Quicktime and we need to send the video to Wirecast
    4) Run Telestream Desktop Presenter and send the whole desktop capture to Wirecast
    5) The encoder machine will run Wirecast and add IP Address for Camera 1 dedicated play out pc and crop and do the necessary cosmetic surgery.
    6) Video feed from Camera Man 1 will be added as Video Source in Telestream Wriest
    7) Repeat step 1-6 for 2nd,3rd,4th camera.
    8) Now you can mix,PiP all the cameras and do digital mix
    9) Publish to Wowza CDN
    10) Embed the player on the website

    Sample Video :

    And finally, the final setup

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